my dog’s New Year’s Resolutions…

Cici’s resolving to:

1. Be the best dog she was meant to be, in other words, fulfill her canine destiny…

2. Eat more high quality kibble and dog food with human grade ingredients and less nibbling and knoshing at the doggie buffet

3. Make friends with at least one feline this year, ok, maybe next… Peace will reign in the dog and cat world !

4.  Go where Sue goes without pulling in other directions on our walks… except on rare and important occasions…

5.  Give as many kisses and licks to all of the humans in her vicinity as they will allow and wag her tail on a regular basis without breaking tail wagging ordinances and/or inflicting tail lash.

6. Stop hogging the bed and allow Sue to have some space.

7.  Allow Sue to take her photo and pose and look as cute as she can be.

8. Splash in the water, when given a bath, learn to enjoy getting cleaned up and smelling nice to the human nose.

9.  Free the k9 within without hurting anybody else, including cats and squirrels and birds.

10.  Be the sweet, loving dog she is forever and a day… and show off her pink belly to all she meets and earn her keep

I am resolving to:

1. Finish reading The Loved Dog by Tamar Gellar and put into practice her useful techniques for positive training (treats, treats, treats)

2. Take cici to the beach, for walks, and outings every day

3. Take cici on play dates with well behaved socialized doggies often and regularly

4. Give cici a bath even when she doesn’t want one

5. Give cici nutritious healthy organic foods and treats

6. Rub her pink belly

7.  Get those new products, toys, treats that people want to send me asap

8. Play creative games for fun and enjoyment

9. Love my sweet dog and be the alpha dog

10. Learn more about canines and write more articles about traveling with my dog for more publications and for good pay.   (one article of mine should be coming out in March 2009 in a Bay area dog magazine)…


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