green is the color of my pink belly eco-puppy…

if your dog is a tree hugging, eco friendly type of holistic hound, loves to go au naturel, and is the rough and ready type of K9, and you share his love for the wild and pristine environment, then here are a few ways to green your holistic minded hound dog…

1, Spay and neuter and adopt a dog from an eco friendly shelter or rescue group, do not buy from a puppy store or puppy mill

2. Feed fido only healthy food and gourmet organic canine treats, homemade, raw, Paul Newman’s, Organix, Evo, Honest Kitchen, California Natural, Pet Promise, and other good brands

3. Use only green cleaning products such as Thieves from Young Living

4. Bathe your pooch with nontoxic shampoos and grooming products such as Vermont Soap Organics Pet Wash

5. Toys: play catch with a recycled rubber ball, turn old socks into tug toys
and you can also purchase toys that use certified organic dye-free fabrics from PurrfectPlay and other companies…

6. Beds and bones:  let Fido rest in an organic cotton bed, fluffed up with stuffing made from recycled plastic bottles.  Bone up on the best raw, organic bones

Eco-chic pet beds from Paw Digs. Eco Slumber™ beds combine eco- fabric, made with 85 percent recycled fibers and then filled with 100 percent recycled fiber fill.

If you Must Carry your pup around in your purse, why not try green carriers by Eco Hound’s urban pet hemp carrier. Eco hound manufactures products made from sustainable and renewable sources such as hemp and organic cotton which are gentle to humans, animals, and the environment.

7. Use recycled, reusable, portable pet food and water containers.

Check out GreenPeople’s list of where to find green pet supplies around the world .

8. Preserve the environment by cleaning up after your dog with biodegradable doggie waste bags…Flush Poop, a flushable bag that is safe for the plumbing and biodegrades. This way the stuff is in the toilet and not garbage cans. Products: Oops I Pooped, Dog Poo Poo Bags, Biobags, Skooperbox or you can build a doggie waste composter in your back yard…

An episode of Renovation Nation featured a family that built a dog waste composter in their backyard. Here is how they did it:

1. Buy a metal garbage can. They are easier to move than rubber or plastic.

2. Poke holes in the garbage can. Remember those jars that you kept bugs in as a kid. Do just like you did then. You can use a drill if you want.

3. Dig a hole and put the can in it. Make sure that that top of the can is flesh with the surface of the soil.

4. Pour some water and bacteria in the can.

5. Add the pet waste.

Did you know that the average dog excretes over 250 pounds of waste a year?  that adds up to 10 million tons of waste annually… Some cities won’t let you throw pet waste into the regular trash. Dog waste composting is a great way to aid the environment and to green up your pet and garden.

Note:  Don’t use dog waste compost on food crops.

9. If you have to dress up your dog, get environmentally friendly dog clothing  Dress up your pup in an organic cotton tank with a recycled belt collar. All hemp collars from Earthdog.

10. Bring your dog to a holistic or green friendly vet such as Dr. Harvey…

11. Stay at pet friendly eco-lodges and environmentally friendly (aka Green) inns such as MacCallum House, The Inn at Schoolhouse Creek, The Stanford Inn, in Mendocino

12. If you must put your dog in the dog house, make sure that you let her rest in a green dog house  (build your own or you can purchase at your neighborhood all natural pet store)

13. Take care of your dog’s training with a green dog trainer (Read The Loved Dog by Tamar Geller), you want your pooch to learn in a positive, uplifting, inspiring, nonviolent, nontoxic dog training environment (no choke collars, no hitting or beating your best friend!)

14. You can even find Green pet sitters and doggie daycare facilities if you scratch deep enough

15. Make sure your pet is protected with Green pest care… There are some nontoxic Tick and flea repellent products such as Flea Free which makes an organic tick and flea repellent and Rara Avis Tick Spritz

For ticks, you can make a homemade recipe that includes mostly vegetable oil and rose geranium oil — 2 tablespoons to 10 drops. Another natural repellent is pennyroyal

16. Fluoridated water is not healthy for either humans or your dog … so use distilled, purified, reverse osmosis water (Dasani is water left over from soda pop, not healthy water)

17.  Give the gift of health with acupuncture, reflexology, doggie massage and dog yoga

18.  Research and educate yourself about vaccines and pet microchips

a truly green puppy was born in New Orleans…


Healthiest hounds

* The Mutt
* Affenpinscher
* American Foxhound
* American Water Spaniel
* Australian Terrier
* Border Terrier
* Cairn Terrier
* Canaan Dog
* English Foxhound
* Field Spaniel
* Finnish Spitz
* German Pinscher
* Goldador
* Harrier
* Ibizan Hound
* Irish Terrier
* Irish Water Spaniel
* Labradoodle
* Lakeland Terrier
* Manchester Terrier
* Norfolk Terrier
* Norwich Terrier
* Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever
* Pharaoh Hound
* Plott
* Polish Lowland Sheepdog
* Puggle
* Saluki
* Schnoodle
* Scottish Terrier
* Sealyham Terrier
* Shiba Inu
* Skye Terrier
* Sussex Spaniel
* Welsh Terrier
* Wire Fox Terrier
* Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

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One response to “green is the color of my pink belly eco-puppy…

  1. My dog Tiffy is also taking steps to reduce her carbon pawprint! Great article:)

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