interviews with pet bloggers and chow hounds…

this is a great idea… am thinking of doing interviews with other dog bloggers and will notify those I want to interview soon and then post the interviews… I mean we dog bloggers have got to talk to other humans sometimes…

what I would like to ask Dr. Jim, Dr. Harvey and other vets is how to slow down my chow hound from gobbling up her food in a blink of an eye… ok, I admit it, my pink belly dog acts like a little piggy inhaling her food… of course, I once had a dog many moons ago who vacuumed up a whole entire HUGE submarine sandwich off the coffee table while I looked on aghast, there went dinner !

I think that last winter Cici became an Olympic gold medal food scarfer… is it the colder weather that makes dogs hungrier and scarfier, I wonder…

there are two ways that I do try to slow her down, one is by feeding her from my hand, it is messy but effective, and I also add water to her kibble because she does not drink enough water, then she has to slurp as well as chomp, so that seems to slow her down a little bit, but this morning, she decided to add one of my crystals to her meal… it has tiny slivers and hopefully she did not ingest much… add crystals to the things dogs eat that they should not… I will monitor her for a few days to make sure that she is ok.

well, there are several companies that appear to solve this problem with bowls that are supposed to slow down the Olympic eating…

here are three slow down the dog’s scarf fest bowls thanks to PawDigs…

let me know if these work for your chow hound… thanks !

FYI here are some comments from vets:




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