bunnies running amok at the mall!

Cici and I have been hanging out at a mall recently (there is Panera, Pet Smart, Office Depot, Whole Foods and who could ask for anything more plus the weather is deliciously warm) and lo and behold, she saw a bunny rabbit (and went nuts)… then, later on, I saw another one and then later on, another one, they are all over the place !

dilemma, do I tell anyone?  if animal control knows, what would they do to the bunny rabbits?  how do bunny rabbits survive in a mall?  what do they eat?  I did not see any feral cats but I would imagine that if bunnies are romping around then so must kitty cats.

sometimes Cici eats at the doggie buffet, so maybe the bunnies are eating there, too. They scampered away quickly at the sight of my ferocious dog so are not dog or human friendly. The mall is not a zoo after all. And Cici definitely had chow time on her mind. Chasing prey. Yum, bunny stew for dinner !

well, I ruined her plans and she was not a happy camper. Just call me the Bunny Rescuer!

I’ve also seen deer at malls, and other critters… it would seem that we humans have usurped the wild ones habitat and what happens to the indigenous animals?  just saying…

here’s an article about what to do if you run into wild bunnies… seriously…


Also, I was sitting on a lawn couch at the mall with Cici in tow, and she wanted to run around licking people and showing off her belly, (she actually got up on the couch and sat across these people’s laps and they were pretty cool about it, it was a first). So there I was, sitting and checking my email and she barked a couple of times letting me know that she disapproved and wanted to do what she wanted to do. The security guard came over to me and said she wanted to let me know that some crazy lady (my words, not hers) complained about my vicious out of control pit bull. The security guard laughed about it, and said that she was not particularly worried about Cici, she could see that my dog was not a threat to anyone. In fact, a couple of kids came by and Cici licked their hands and the parents were fine and the kids loved it. And several people around there agreed and said that the woman who complained looked really mean and vicious, so am thinking perhaps we should ban vicious mean people from the mall (and planet) !!!

I understand some people are afraid of dogs and some people are afraid of pit bulls specifically because of all the erroneous media hoopla and I keep Cici on a short leash. And when she barks, I shhhh her.  I talked to a gal at Pet Smart the other day, a trainer, and she worked with Cici a bit and was impressed with how trainable Cici is and what a good girl. She was amazing actually. There was a tiny little terrier dog and Cici went into submission mode (she has done this on numerous occasions with tiny dogs) to show them that she is not a threat to them… makes me so proud !

cute photo: the tagline says… so what are you doing in the basket? heh heh heh…



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One response to “bunnies running amok at the mall!

  1. sandysays1

    Sounds like Cici has the right idea about bunnies. I prefer mine tar-tar, fried, or par boiled, or the Easter variety in marshmellow (I’m partial to the pink breed) I’ll put reading the URL you sited on my to do list. Ever use a to do list? Visit http://www.Sandy Says1.wordpress.com for a sure fire method of NOT forgeting to use it. And some laughs!

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