interview with Mary Puppins…

1) tell me a little about you and your dogs and how you got started Mary Puppins Pet Sitting and dog blog…

was strolling through the park one day in the merry month of May, no seriously, I have always loved animals. Worked at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary (when it was a sanctuary not a society), Animal Foundation and other animal rescue organizations years ago when I had cats. Was sitting around one day brainstorming with my dog and she thought it would be great for me to pet sit and dog walk, earn money and she would be able to meet other dogs to play with. Writing a dog blog is also a fun labor of love. When you love animals, it is easy to write about the animals. Having a dog provides much fodder / grist for the mill. Every day things that happen become fun, interesting, educational and entertaining blog posts.

2) When did you start your blog, and what inspired you to get into blogging?

Started the blog in October 2007. Being cooped up with my dog and wanting to write about traveling with her was the initial inspiration. Plus, everyone kept telling me ‘you’re a writer, write a blog’ so I did and now lookie what we’ve got going on here!

3) What’s your favorite thing about blogging?

Meeting other bloggers, innkeepers, dogs and animals. Plus writing about our travel adventures ain’t too shabby either. And traveling to fun places, staying at wonderful inns is the icing on the cake.

4) Have you noticed a shift in attitudes towards bloggers, dogs, dog travel ?

People always ask me what is a blog whenever I tell them I have a dog blog. I thought everyone knew. It is an opportunity to educate folks about the Internet. People are techie in some ways, everyone has email (almost). Every day, new hotels and motels and inns and lodges, B&B’s are opening their doors to the dogs. They start realizing that a lot of people (millions of Americans and people worldwide) want to travel with their pets. And the manager/innkeepers realize, hey, am missing out on a lot of business. So they join the bandwagon… Jump on board ! And find out that the dogs are fun and not as much trouble as they might have thought. Most worried about people with allergies, kids and liabilities, which are understandable concerns. But find out through experience that dogs are a blessing and an addition. People love our fur babies ! And there are a lot of dog lovers out there who want to travel with their pets! So catering to the pet loving community can be a great source of REVENUE (ie, CASH), especially in this economy.

5) What are some of your favorite blogs ?

MinaandCeleste, Olga the traveling bra are so fun… K9 Chronicles, Mollitudes, and How to Raise a Green Dog.

6) If there was one tip that you would recommend that pet owners and/or pet business owners or pet bloggers follow, what would it be and why?

Animals are animals not furry humans. I do not really like most dog blogs where the human speaks for the dog or cat. Too cutesy for me. On occasion, some do it very well and it works. But the language is awkward. Let dogs be canines, bunnies be rabbits and cats be felines and humans be humans. Each specie is different and lovable in its own unique way.

7) You have different types of content on your site. What articles generally receive the best traffic/ reception?

People love to read about celebrities and their dogs, watch fun videos and check out silly photos as well as read about hot topics that every dog owner is concerned about (training, pet food, health care and playing with other dogs).

8. How do you cope with juggling all of the various balls you’ve got going in the air?

Cici juggles the balls while I watch her play catch on the beach… 🙂 She recently received a lovely new chewy ball… it’s like one of those braided toys only it is fluffy and a ball… she can chew and catch all at one time… which keeps her occupied which makes me happy.

9. As a dog lover, do you have a favorite product or service that EVERY dog owner MUST get for their pet (besides yours)?

That chewy fluffy dog ball toy… will have to find out the name of it and/or where to get it… (I think from the grocery store Ralph’s)…

10. Have you noticed any trends in the pet blogging/pet business recently related to the economy? In other words, are innkeepers more open to pets (or less), are pet owners still buying products (or not)?

I think that people are downsizing their shopping but not for their beloved furry friends. Dogs and cats gotta eat and play. And us humans are suckers for those cute, adorable, sweet eyes and faces. People constantly take photos of Cici when we are at a mall or wherever, and they just love to rub her belly and ears. Dogs and cats are warm loving creatures who we can learn a lot from and do on a daily basis when we are pet owners. Share the wealth ! Rent out your dog or cat to non-pet owners ! Am only kidding, but I did see an ad recently in the yellow pages, where you can rent a dog by the day, hour, week or month. Gimme a break, folks !

If you are in central California Carmel, Monterey, Pacific Grove, Seaside, California), visit Mary Puppins Pet Sitting and we will come to your house and play with your dogs and/or sit with your kitty cats !


just a spoonful of play makes dogs happy !

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