uncommon cures for the common dog (problems)…

ok, I admit it, I am not always a great dog mom, sometimes my dog drives me completely out of my mind… and yesterday was one of those days… and I LOVE my dog and would NEVER EVER HURT HER, but you know dogs are not perfect little furry creatures (similar to kids) so how about a contest, send me your most creative (without being mean) solutions that have worked with your dog… and you will win a Free Giveaway Package from our friends over at Doggytug.com … the best dog tug toys in creation !

l. People, my dog is NOT a big barker, although she has been becoming more vocal. But yesterday at the park, she saw a critter/creature (it looked like a big rat to me, but maybe was a squirrel) and she was barking and barking until I could not take it any longer. Some folks have suggested using a squirt gun or water bottle to spray water on her but I had none, so I just poured water on her head (it was a hot day in the sun anyway) and you know what, it worked…

2. A variation on the same theme, she was wanting to chase bunny rabbits and going nuts on me last night and almost tore my arm out of its socket while we were walking so temporarily I tied her to the nearest tree and asked for help at the mall, but no one would assist me. I had no water squirter, so I eventually untied her, and found a shopping cart and tied her to that and got her back to the car. Whew and Sheeeesh !

Now she has her cute moments, too… like being the official licker/greeter and feet washer/slobberer over at our good friends Lowe’s and Best Buy and every place at the mall … recent comments, “oh, your dog is soooo cute!” “can I pet your dog?” “I love her markings, is she a puppy?” “Does your dog have babies and can I have one?” “I’m going to call her the Nibbler” “She licked me!”

Come on, people, fess up and win !!!

and this is a hysterically funny Letter to My Dog… to go with today’s theme… (bad dog)… my bad…


Here is Kelly Ann Stafford speaking about the Doggy tugs…


and a great article about How to play tug of war with your furry friend…



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