wag your blog at dog time…

we just joined DogTime although they invited us back in December, busy busy holiday times…

here is our page:

and there is also a first dog page, with the latest news on the Obama’s new puppy:


and if you go looking for my chocolate travel articles… I created a new blog specifically for chocolate, since cici does not eat chocolate but I do…

check out the new chocolate travel blog at:


and here are some ideas whose time has come, if you know anybody doing any of them, let me know, thanks !

Doggie surfing lessons

Doggie skateboarding lessons

Doggie vocal coaching, every bark has its day

Doggie beach volleyball

Doggie soccer

Doggie hula lessons

Doggie buffet

Doggie sand castles (dig like you’ve never dug before)

Doggie hot dog eating contest

Doggie shoe eating/licking contest

meanwhile, Cici and I are hot on the doggie trail of making some cool new bling to spruce up her doggie collar (she doesn’t have a collar, she has a halter) but we went to Michael’s and Joanne Fabrics yesterday and came up with some cool ideas for putting Cici’s name and accessories on her … more about this soon, with photos !


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