say arf dog…

Arf dog is the brainchild of Ricki Noto from Long Island City, New York (of course, us Longggggisland gals have to stick our paws together)… and inspired by her boxer Sox… these adorable gift packages which luxury hotel managers and other pet business owners can offer as THE doggie amenities for every guest and their pampered pooch… each cardboard suitcase is filled with organic doggie treats, ceramic bowl, bark street journal and puppy passport squeak toys (Cici’s favorite new toys, plus the adorable bathrobe… there are Arfdog sporty, spa, beach, new puppy welcome, and sleepover suitcase gift boxes…

ArfDog gift packages are a MUST HAVE for every puppy with dreams of being a fashionista plate… Call Toll Free: 1-877-769-7656

Now here’s Cici perusing the want ads in her very own Bark Street Journal
lounging in her ArfDog bathrobe with belt and hood… contemplating her new career as a show dog, dog movie star and/or dog model… say cheeeese !



Ricki and Sox


Sleepover Gift box


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