doggie treats with the drool factor…

Cici barks at me whenever she sees a bag of Dr. Harvey’s Power Patties, her favorite treat, made from fresh, raw green tripe. The patties are easily digestible, add beneficial Vitamins and Minerals, digestive enzymes and good usable protein and essential fatty acids to a dog’s diet. Tripe is considered one of the most complete foods for carnivores and are very popular in Europe.

cici could probably just eat Power Patties all day and nothing else… Cici’s Power Patty doggie dietthe treats for champions…




check out the Dr. Harvey’s blog

Cici’s picks for top 10 dog treats (with the drool factor)

1. Power Patties by Dr. Harvey’s

2. The chewy fragrant dog biscuits handcrafted by Executive Pastry Chef Michael Owens from the Island Hotel in Newport Beach

3. Moo free range Bully Sticks

4. Plato Free-Range Kangaroo Strips and Organic chicken strips from K9 cuisine (they are having a video contest you must enter, details below)

5. Le Dogue bites by Dr. Harvey’s (chicken)

6. turkey hot dogs

7. Wagatha’s Gourmet Organic treats (wheat free)

8. Smart Pak Real Toppers

9. Paul Newman veggie treats

10. plain old Pet Smart training treats

Barkotti’s are Dr. Harvey treats… but I have been putting them into her food as a supplement because they’ve got great ingredients and Cici is funny about her treats. She will gobble up treats or not eat them and it doesn’t seem to have to do whether they are good for her or not. Barkotti’s have all organic ingredients including organic oat flour, barley flour, honey, molasses, flaxseed oil, bee pollen, carrots, sweet potatoes, apple, zucchini, green beans, broccoli, beets, green peas, parsley, ginger, papaya, dandelion, fennel and fenugreek. These treats are crunchy and look just like regular biscotti’s for humans.

Cici’s favorite foods

1. Nature’s variety raw chicken medallions

2. Honest kitchen Thrive, Force, and Embark from K9 cuisine (they are having a video contest, you simply must enter, details here

3. Pet Promise, chicken, turkey,

4. Solid gold lamb and rice

5. Paul Newman organic chicken, turkey and rice

6. Natural Balance (limited)

7. California Natural chicken

8. Pet Chef Express chicken and rice

9. Evo

10. Merrick’s pet food

11. Organix

12. Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health (cook for eight minutes, add oil and protein) one of the things that we love about Dr. Harvey’s is that they use human ingredients for consumption by dogs (and cats).

Tips for the Canine Health:

feed it with raw or cooked meat mixed well…

If you cook the meat, pour the fat/juices over the Canine Health.

If you feed raw, mix it well in the food.

Kind of a mixed bag with the cooked foods (Honest Kitchen and Canine Health… Cici does not like to wait for her food to cook so I feed her a few treats in the meantime to get her over her gimme gimme food attitude… probably not the best solution… also gotta be careful preparing the food, I put the hot water into her ceramic bowl and almost dropped the whole thing and almost burnt my fingers…

Some interesting recipes….

Dr. Harvey’s Supplements Cici has been taking…

Health and Shine capsules consist of a combination of borage oil, certified organic flax seed oil, fish oil and natural vitamin E. These capsules improve the immune system, reduce inflammation, itching, and the risk of heart disease, support the digestive and reproductive system, as well as enhance a shiny coat.

COQ10 enhances cardiovascular health and immune system function in dogs.

Been putting two of each of the above in her morning meal. Feels good to give Cici some healthy food, treats and supplements. She does not seem to mind the capsules as long as they are mixed in with her food.

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One response to “doggie treats with the drool factor…

  1. meg

    How much do I love that cici’s favorite food is RAW. Yay, I knew she had good taste. 🙂 Thanks for helping to promote the best diet you can give your pet.

    I’ve been meaning to comment for awhile now, as I have a link to your blog on mine, and I’d like to add it to my dog links for my page. I’m the Denver Alternative Pet Medicine examiner. Hope you don’t mind.

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