stuff white dogs with pink polka dot bellies like…

stinky and smelly stuff

rolling over in the grass

rolling over in manure

there is a theme here…

eating smelly and stinky stuff

getting their bellies rubbed

running and playing with other dogs

chasing cats, squirrels, rabbits, birds, rodents and other small animals

wrestling with other dogs

eating treats

sleeping and hogging the bed

jumping on the couch, bed or other furniture

stalking bugs, lizards and other creepy crawlies

eating at the doggie buffet

anything their owner/caretaker does not want them to do

recently, Cici met a few new dog friends, Tek, Peccarina and others… and she enjoyed playing tug of war with Tek, look for upcoming blog post about these and other doggy tales …



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4 responses to “stuff white dogs with pink polka dot bellies like…

  1. pitbullapbt

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  2. Kathy

    Just a quick note. Had to say read one blog that made me laugh out loud, so wanted to read more. The picture of Cici is adorable. She has a human quality to her.

  3. Beautiful picture at the bottom 🙂

    Love this post – here’s a similar thing about my two pooches –

    You’ve got a great site – loads of interesting stuff.

    Greetings from Sussex, England.

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