dog nose best…

cici was whining while i was sitting in the car with her by the beach watching the waves the other night… i thought it was too cold to go onto the beach but finally i gave in and it was not too cold and she met up with two other dogs and chased them plus sniffed and dug sand and had a real blast… when in doubt, trust your dog…

was given the runaround by a couple of inns in Cambria … and went back to the blue whale inn and got some home baked cookies for me and cici. we’ve decided that they are the only inn in Cambria with any kind of dogitude. Plus, was thinking that people with dogitude tend to be kind to other humans and animals and people without a shred of dogitude are just plain mean.

we decided to camp out near san simeon and our air bed was deflated, it was quite cold outside but toasty inside the tent with our sleeping bags. was surprised to see so many other people camping out this early in the season, most were in rv’s though, there was a gal and guy from orange county who had a tent up, too… no other dogs the first night but last night there was a plethora including three greyhounds, a tiny slinky dog, and some others.

in the morning, we were looking for the library and found the dog park instead. cici met up with about 6-7 dogs and had a great time chasing the dogs… including her new boyfriend bixby, a year old herding dog, Mocha, a chocolate lab puppy, blixen, a white German shepherd, Tucker a ball chasing lab, and Katie, a cutie. later at the beach, she sniffed out some squirrels and stalked lizards as well as made some other new doggie friends.

we found a beach near to the hearst castle that has easy access and she chased several dogs. I looked around the Hearst castle visitor center, am not big on climbing 150-450 stairs, so I passed on the tour… but the visitor center has a free museum where you can poke around and learn about WR Hearst and his castle and empire… with all of the people who have lost their homes recently seems like a big waste having a castle sitting there with no one living in it…

all in all, spring has sprung and cici has been happy chewing on a bone…


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