World’s oldest dog, 21 years young

from Newsday…

She can’t hear well, she doesn’t like the cold and she no longer goes on four-mile runs. But Chanel, a 20-year-old dachshund in Port Jefferson Station, N.Y., is enjoying the perks of being the world’s oldest dog.
The next edition of the Guinness Book of World Records, due out in September, will make that title official. She’s been featured in British newspapers. A producer for Jay Leno wants to fly her to California.
She’s taking it all in stride as she ambles toward her 21st birthday on May 8, snuffling down chicken and pasta, then curling up to nap.

“She’s always had this incredibly sweet disposition,” said her owner, Denice Shaughnessy, 51, a secretary at Rocky Point Middle School. “And she’s been through everything with me.”

Back in 1989, when Shaughnessy was a single mother in the Army struggling to pay the bills, she found two dachshund puppies at a shelter in Virginia. She wanted both for her daughter but could only afford the $25 fee for one.

Months later, Shaughnessy’s house burned down, but her daughter, LaToya, and Chanel got out safely…


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2 responses to “World’s oldest dog, 21 years young

  1. I found your blog through PetsBlogs and thought I’d stop by and drop you a line! I have enjoyed parusing through your blog and really like the info you’ve posted.

    My last dog “hung on” until she was 18. Then we had to call in the vet and set up a house visit …

    Are you interested in swapping links? Please feel free to pop by and leave a comment or two!

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