doggie discrimination in NYC…

great article about doggie discrimination on Huffington Post… plus his dog Louie is adorable…

he did not really get into polka dot discrimination and breed discrimination per se, the breeds he mentioned were rotties and big dogs, but hotels such as Doubletree Hotel discriminate against what they call ‘aggressive’ breeds… what the heck is an aggressive breed? a tiny little Cairn terrier attacked Cici the other day, that’s right, Dorothy’s dog Toto was a Cairn terrier… when the dog attacked Cici, what did she do, strike back with full power? No, she walked away… she could have done a lot of damage to the aggressive terrier but she did not… but given that Cici is part Dalmatian and part terrier (probably Pit Bull Terrier or American Staffordshire), her breed is considered an aggressive breed… the people that discriminate do not take into consideration that ANY DOG of ANY BREED can be aggressive, and the stats prove that other breeds besides the ones considered aggressive are the ones that bite and can be aggressive…

like all stereotypes, the aggressive dog discrimination is just not based on FACT but on FEAR…

off to see the wizard…


spare US from this…



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3 responses to “doggie discrimination in NYC…

  1. Speaking of dog discrimination – anyone with a dog looking to be any type bully breed – MUST stay out of Denver, Colorado. Don’t move. Don’t visit. This city suffers from pit bull paranoia and will confiscate your dog as being illegal within city limits. Read the unbelievable facts of what is happening in Denver at

    Keep Cici safely way from this city as Denver does not permit suspicious looking cross breeds, either. In fact, as more and more cities are adopting breed restrictive ordinances (Ohio, Florida, Texas to name only a few) travelers or folks looking to relocate must ‘Beware of the City’!

    • yes, well, we got evicted from a campsite last night in California because of Cici, they do not allow dogs there… ugh… and of course as it was a busy holiday weekend, there were no other campgrounds open… yes, they do discriminate against DOGS, just plain old DOGS and people, too… people we are going to have TO CHANGE THIS asap !

  2. I understand the discimination and our dogs. I have a Amercian black Cocker Spaniel named Hayliegh she is my service dog and has been with me for ten yrs. This is my last dscirimination story.
    I am riddled with fibromyalgia and have a black cocker spaniel as my service dog. While we were in a grocery store yesterday while waiting in line, a man decided it wasn’t okay to have a dog in the store and I shared with him that she is my service dog. He didn’t believe me, and I attempted to tell him that I have six doctors who monitor my condition and that he has no right to harass me regarding my service dog. He then nastily said, “Where is her license?” and I showed him the tag around my dog’s neck, and he snapped back saying the tag is old. My dog’s tags are current and legal.

    I have been rejected from eating establishments, medical buildings, and other public places due to the fact that I don’t look disabled. I was even threatened to be stabbed at a restaurant because the three people eating didn’t know who was disabled, me or my service dog.

    When are we going to start discussing what no one is talking about — discriminating against those of us with hidden disabilities and service dogs.

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