people who need people… pets who need people…

as Barbra Streisand sang, People,
People who need people
Are the luckiest people in the world…

(not sure what these words mean exactly, if you need people why does that make you lucky? if you need people, that means you depend upon people? if you depend upon people, you are in trouble these days as far as I can see…

but if the Brits can aid pet owners, what about Americans? I have been thinking about this now for awhile, since Katrina happened and 911 I guess I grew up in a neighborhood in New York, yes, that is right, New York city, the suburbs, ok, but where people took care of one another… If a neighbor got hurt, in trouble or needed help in any way, the neighbors pitched in… sometimes, it was too much… the nosy neighbors had to know everyone else’s business… but it was an unspoken rule, the way it was… and many of the people I grew up with are still in the same old neighborhood… so neighbors were like family… and you take care of family. No matter what. Even if you didn’t like them.

Now admittedly, when we’d go into Manhattan it was a different ballgame. People would walk over alcoholics lying in the gutter or ignore crazy people. And so on.

but in LA, where I lived as a twenty year old and other places in California and Nevada, people don’t know their neighbors and treat people like New Yorkers did in Manhattan… don’t know how it is now in the city since 911 happened and people are different (everyone found God I heard)…

anyway, we are here on this planet together… and sure pets need owners and owners need pets AND people need people… we are in this life together…

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