dog mansions and pooch food banks…

these two realities exist side by side in our current time… people who spend extravagantly and those who help others in need… can’t help but think what if the owners of the pooch palaces were to give to others as extravagantly as they do to their pooches, this economic recession could be over tomorrow… hmmmm….

thanks to Guy Kawasaki’s tweet, which linked to womans day magazine feature, which shows a french chateau, mexican hacienda and other doggie palaces for pampered pooches…

kudos to K9 cuisine’s donation to pet food bank …


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2 responses to “dog mansions and pooch food banks…

  1. What about those who spend extravagantly on those in need? 🙂

    • name one who spends extravantly on those in need… there are so many people who are hurting and the churches and government agencies are not addressing the real issues never mind solving the problems… you cannot solve hunger, poverty and homelessness by calling these issues by other names, red tape and trying to foist responsibility unto everyone else… recently, I saw a man sleeping on a bench right outside a church in a very wealthy community. People walked by. No one bothered to check to see if the person needed anything (which he obviously did otherwise why was he sleeping on a public bench). He was ill or dying and no one even checked to see if he was breathing. That is cold, callous and cruel. Gandhi said that countries will be judged by how we treat the lesser among us and that is not only animals but people including children in need.

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