critters karma…

there is a lot of talk about whether animals have emotions and feelings as we humans do these day… and some people wonder if pets have souls. No matter what you believe or question, it is good to keep an open mind… this is a controversial topic but heck, so are many that I write about so here goes…

Remember, the TV show featuring Mr. Ed the talking horse? How about Dr. Dolittle who talked to animals? As a society, we seem to think, our consensus reality, is that it is farfetched and something to laugh about to think that animals can actually talk. Yet, our animals talk to us all of the time. And sometimes we pay attention and receive their love and blessings. And other times, we ignore the messages (whispers) until they become louder (shouts).

Perhaps you have met a dog or cat or horse or another animal and instantly felt a connection, or an animal adopted you, or showed up in your life at an interesting moment, or you just ‘knew’ that the pet was yours. At times, we have these meetings with people in our lives, why not with pets? Maybe pets are spiritual beings and are in our lives to help us grow.

As someone who has experienced several pet past life experiences (will explain more in a moment), and if you believe that humans reincarnate, is it much of a stretch to imagine that pets do also?

Years ago, a dog of a friend I hardly knew came to me in a dream. The next day I found out that he had died. Why he chose to come through to me with a message, I am not sure.

Years later, after my Abundance cat ran away, he came to me in a dream and slept on my belly as he used to do every day at 4pm. It was his way of telling me that he had passed on in this life. The significance of my connection with Abundance not only had to do with him, but also another past life with a beloved cat. I have been grieving the loss of that cat for decades and did not know about it until Abundance reminded me. It was through his loving countenance that I found out. I am still in the process of working through this experience, it was a biggie for me because it relates to my spirituality and relationships, and important for me to heal this lifetime. Sometimes it takes time to heal past lives and other issues in our lives.

Our Souls know us and all of our past lives (and future ones) and know what works best to help us heal, even if it might seem wrong or not fair or too painful. Animals often mirror or pick up our feelings and act them out for us. And sometimes, we don’t like what we see either in other humans or our animals and point the finger and blame them!

We want to believe that it’s the dog’s fault or the cat has ‘behavioral problems’ or issues. And they may, but what might you learn from your sweet furry friends? Sure, we can train our pets, pamper and worry about them. If your dog or cat or horse or bird could talk, wonder what they want to tell you? If you’d truly like to know, you can schedule a session with me and I’d be happy to chat with you, pass on messages with you and your pet(s) and/or passed over loved ones. It is a blessing to be able to communicate with animals and special people. A healing for all concerned.




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2 responses to “critters karma…

  1. I LOVE this post! I’ve experienced it, it’s true. My dearly departed dogs have come back and communicated with me through my dreams, too. Very powerful messages.

  2. I love this post. I believe in reincarnation – not so different from traditional beliefs. They all boil down to one important feature (that our essence lives on after our body crumbles).

    I have opened my home to many animals over the years, the vast majority of whom have been discarded by other people. The connections I form with my animals are undeniable. I have lost many of these beloved friends to age or illness. But, I have been able to look into the eyes of new animal friends and see hints of animals past.

    It makes me so sad to see how humans have relegated animals to such a lowly status. Some people regard their ‘pets’ as nothing more than appliances or accessories. They take them out for show when it is convenient. The animals’ care and comfort are nothing but afterthoughts, and sometimes not even that.

    There is no question in my mind that animals can comprehend and feel much more deeply than most people think they can. When my gelding died of cancer, my mare (his constant companion) reacted so strongly that there was no doubt in my mind that she was grieving for him, just as I was.

    m.j. claire

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