hotel pet amenities for pampered pets

Cici tells me that these are some hotel/inn amenities that she would love to partake and participate in… is there a hotel anywhere that offers any and/or all of these? she is so there…

1. doggie massage and spa treatments, after a hard day chasing cats, squirrels and stalking lizards, Cici would really enjoy getting a rubdown… she would not mind receiving cranial sacral, acupuncture and other alternative treatments either, ahhhh….

2. doggie yoga, she would love to learn and she’s got the doggie down posture well down

3. yappy hour, a girl’s just gotta meet and greet and socialize with her doggie pals, she just wants to know if they will be serving doggie beer and wine and cheese?

4. doggie dancing, she’s got the dirty dancing in the mud and stinky water down pat

5. bone-a-fido free for all, she loves to chew chew and the more bones the better

6. swimming pool for furry friends, splash, splash, she hates taking a bath but loves to swim in the ocean and a pool for canines with a water slide sounds like a doggone good time

7. puppy picnic and BBQ, cici enjoys some good deli in her belly (hot dogs, turkey, chicken, hamburgers, sausage and more)

8. K9 crafty time, Cici yearns to express her true inner wolf through singing/howling, power dreaming (woofing), painting with her paws and more…

9. birthday bash and special occasions (dog weddings) cici just wants to eat doggie cake, she is a cookie monster

10. doggie whine salon, where cici and her friends can bitch, moan and complain about us humans, a girl’s gotta vent about unfair life can be

what does your dog’s breed say about your economics and status in life?

spots, anyone?


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One response to “hotel pet amenities for pampered pets

  1. Those are some awesome ideas!

    Apparently, the breeds we have tell us we’re working class … not new news for me 🙂

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