dogs vs cats…

lucy splaining to do article gave me an idea to write this…

12 differences between dogs and cats as a pet

which do you prefer?

l. Who says you can’t teach cats new tricks? can a cat be taught to use the toilet … Rebecca Rescate taught her kitty and has a video at… If cats can be taught to use the toilet, then dogs can be taught, too… only thing is that more than likely a canine would do her business and afterwards drink out of the bowl — eeeuuu…

2. my two cats would sleep next to me, one at my head, the other at my feet and in the morning, they would lick with their razor sharp tongues and/or scratch my toes to wake me up. My dog licks my face, slobber slobber. would you rather be awakened by kisses or have your toes attacked?

3. my cats would play cat tag and chase one another around the house and if I got in their way, they would just climb over me (me = furniture)… my dog regularly trips me, chases other dogs and bumps into me, same difference

4. my dog hogs the bed and my cats were easy to move over (the cats weighed less combined than my dog weighs)…

5. cats purr in your ear or on your tummy while dogs woof in their sleep, kicking as they go

6. chow time: my dog will eat ANYTHING and EVERYTHING including poop, eyeglasses, cardboard, shoes, dog food and cookies, but not the healthy kind. You are lucky if you can get your cat to eat cat food or tuna although my cats enjoyed eating avocadoes, too…

7. Cats like to stalk mice and birds while dogs love to chase squirrels, bunny rabbits and uh cats

8. Dogs enjoy a good romp on the beach while cats enjoy staying home, snoozing and taking a sun bath

9. Cats hate to travel in the car while dogs love to stick their noses out the window and feel the wind on their fur

10. Dogs love to roll over in the grass while cats like to sleep in the grass

11. A cat would NEVER be caught dead wearing clothing while dogs let you put costumes, sweaters (for when it’s cold outside) and other silly dresses and clothing on them and even paint their toenails

12. Dogs love bones to chew on and dog biscuits while cats get tipsy on catnip

no cat would EVER be seen in public wearing a bikini (see number 11)

and did you know that Dalmatians are born all white and develop spots later?

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