dog manners… does your dog leave chewing gum on the bedpost overnight?

do dogs have manners or strange manners? us humans have different manners…

for instance, recently cici insisted that I walk her far from our campsite so that she could fart 3-4 times one evening when it was pitch black outside, (appreciated that in a way) yet she enjoys sleeping with her face in my face, breathing on me and does not mind licking my face directly after licking her tush… and then there are the polka dot kisses in my soup… lick lick… ugh, don’t lick my food, dog, and yes, that is cici doing licky by’s, she loves to lick people and strangers feet… do I really want my girl to lick people’s feet? most people don’t mind… but I do…

isn’t it enough that they sniff one another’s butts why must they chew on each other’s paws while playing?

does your dog have weird manners? best and worst manners wins…

better yet, do you have a photo of your dog’s manners?

and since we’re talking silly dog manners, thanks to Joan Stewart Publicity Hound for this joke…

If a fire hydrant has H2O inside, what does it have outside?
Answer: K9P

and what is your favorite excuse for your dog’s manners (or lack thereof)?


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One response to “dog manners… does your dog leave chewing gum on the bedpost overnight?

  1. The most embarrassing habbit that Bruno has is giving everyone’s crotch a good sniff.

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