take your dog to work day tomorrow, june 26

According to Cesar Millan, the Dog whisperer:

I love the idea of dog-friendly workplaces and thrilled that some companies are beginning to experiment with it. According to Pet Sitters of America, creators and sponsors of National Take Your Dog to Work Day, studies show that pet-friendly workplaces boost employee morale, raise productivity, and even keep employees from rushing home from work to take care of their pets. Here are my thoughts about making a happy workplace for both you – and your dog – to enjoy.

First, dogs that are brought to the office should have a vigorous morning walk. I recommend at least 30-45 minutes. This way the dogs will be at a lower-energy or resting mode.

Second, everybody has to agree to a pack leader environment, so the dogs see the workplace is controlled by humans. For example, if a dog misbehaves and the owner isn’t there to discipline him, another employee should step in and remind the dog of the rules, boundaries, and limitations.

Third, set the rules for when co-workers want to approach the dogs. They should not touch, talk, or make eye contact until the dogs are in a calm-submissive state.

Fourth, owners should be in control of the dog at all times.

During breaks, try to walk the dogs as a pack. It doesn’t have to be a long walk, but instead of using the time to simply let the dogs smell all the new things around them, you should walk in a migrating mode, bonding as a pack.

Here’s what Bamboo Pet Products and I say:

1. Bring doggie snacks and food for breaks (lunch) and bowls, toys, and other items for your pooch …. such as a bed or blanket for them to be on…

Pets need basic items such blankets, beds and bowls for traveling. Innovative travel products such as Bamboo Pet Product’s Silicone Travel Bowls fold up to be easily carried in your car or back pocket.

2. Stay hydrated: Dogs often get anxious when traveling to unknown places. Be sure to keep your pet refreshed by keeping a full bowl of fresh water set up in your office.

3. Take frequent bathroom breaks: This will help to ensure your pet has no accidents in the work place. However, be prepared if one should happen. Carry Disposable Waste Bags to pick up any mess and eliminate odors. You should also carry anti-bacterial wipes to cleanse any accidents areas.

4. Keep treats on your desk: This allows you to reward your dog for good behavior, while also allowing your co-workers to offer a treat upon meeting your pet. One that will generate chuckles – DogToids™ – a flavorful breath mint for your dog that comes in a stylish tin.

5. Assign projects for your pet: Interactive toys and hiding treats around your office will help stimulate your pet’s mind, thus keeping them occupied and allowing you to complete your daily work assignments. Toys that house treats, such as Kong, offer hours of entertainment for your pets.

cici hard at work:

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