funny dog travel stories/photos wanted…

Are you planning to take or recently took a trip with your dog in California? Tell us about it… did you stay at any of the inns, hotels or B&B’s mentioned here? visit any of the pet friendly wineries? go to any of the beaches, parks or campgrounds? take your dog shopping, spa-ing or swimming? email or comment or twitter, send photos, with what and how you and your best friend are tripping and if posted, you will win a cool gift… for your hot dog(s) … funny, heartwarming and interesting shaggy dog stories welcome !

taking your dog on a trip can be a fun experience or disaster, tell us how great it was, how awful and everything in between… does your dog need charm school? did your dog do something dastardly, hysterical, or what? curious minds wanna know and feature you and your pooch(es) right here… so do tell us !

and if the hotel, inn or resort offers wild pet amenities for pampering your pooch like these, please do tell…

cici is the final judge of the funniest story, poem, or photo, be creative… and keep your K9 cool, woof !


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