driving miss cici…

well, if you were to take a look into our car, in the front, I am driving via Motel 6, while Miss Cici is in the Dog Ritz Hilton in the back seat, with her plush comfy new dog bed compliments of the fabulous pet friendly Rosewood Sandhill Hotel with amazing Dogitude, (complete blog post will be up soon) as well as an assortment of blankets, pillows and sleeping bags underneath her. She’s got it cush while I do all the heavy driving. talk about pampered pups…

below are some tips for traveling with your dog… have dog will travel along the luxurious canine highway.

and you can obtain the items mentioned at your local Pet Food Express in Carmel or Napa and/or other locations as well as Diggidy Dog in Carmel, or perhaps your local pet shop.

1. be sure to bring shades (goggles or sunglasses) for your dog. don’t want the girl to get too much sun in her eyes.

2. pack at least one doggie bathing suit for the swimming pool and beach. A two piece bikini or a one piece is fine, depending upon the girl dog. Remember Dot the traveling dog bikini? Dot does not come in Cici’s size, and she prefers a one piece suit with lots of room, to cover her white furry polka dot pink belly.

3. furshionista petiquette demands dog booties, or consider flip flops for your furry friend, that way their paws won’t get too hot on steamy concrete and will be protected from sundrenched (aka stinging) grass and spurs that stick in her paws.

4. another must pack item is a water fountain for keeping the girl hydrated in style

5. bring bones, treats, toys, bowls, balls, bully sticks, and chewies in your doggie’s very own furshionable suitcase (like the Doggytug kind)…

6. since your puppy is number uno, she should also have her own pup tent

7. your doggie deserves her own portable swimming pool so she can invite her pals over for a quick splash, marco polo, and a swimming vest just in case, your dog gets into deep water, woof !

8. every dog needs a portable camping chair to snooze on

9. cici’s delicate white fur and pink skin requires gentle and all natural sun tan lotion such as coconut oil

10. bring along some Bach flower remedies, as well as other all natural aids in your first aid kit just in case…

11. towels are a must for wiping off muddy paws, wiping off wet dogs and playing tug of war

12. please don’t forget the surfboard

and if there is any room left in the car for you, consider yourself blessed by your dog. Drive, James…

California dog beaches, here we come !


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