an eco friendly luxury spa…

bardessono spa is a very new eco friendly peaceful upscale luxury property in yountville (10 minutes to napa). We loved the ambiance and the pet friendly staff !!!

The LEED certified property has been built on five acres of land owned by the Bardessono family, who have lived in the Napa Valley area for over 70 years. Reclaimed Redwood recycled from wine casks has been used on ceilings and doors; salvaged California Bay trees have become cut slabs for the desks in the guest rooms, and the dining room tables were also milled from salvaged trees. There is an underground geothermal system that heats and cools the guest rooms, spa, and hot water supply; two gardens that supply some of the organic vegetables for the reastaurant, and 940 solar panels built onto the flat roofs of the buildings that provide much of the hotel’s energy.

The gorgeous spa suite we stayed at was furnished with a king bed, fireplace, its own private patio/courtyard, TV and a luxurious bathroom, designed to double as a private spa, featured a concealed massage table, a soaking tub, separate shower, and double vanity.

some of the rooms have a Mr. Steam shower

Bardessono Spa has 62 rooms and 8 are pet friendly. The pet amenities include a nice dog bed and bowl, $75 fee for the stay. I walked cici across the street, since there are lovely fountains (outside the suite in the Magnolia area, including a Stonehenge-like one), which is very soothing and peaceful… and there were not too many places on property for dogs to do their dog business…

Important Alert: if you let your dog outside onto the patio, there is a gap in the fence and inquisitive dogs like cici may sneak out underneath and wind up on the street (which cici did), thankfully she did not run out into the street with the cars, but I did have to walk all around the property to get her back safe and sound… hopefully, the property will soon offer dog owners other options.

For your girlfriends getaway, you have just gotta include an in room massage and spa treatments. There is a very large cabana by the very refreshing pool and jacuzzi for gal pals to party together, dine and get cool drinks from the bar, and the property is in walking distance to shopping, restaurants and wineries and tasting rooms…

here’s an interesting post about the property which tells more about the food and massage and technology….

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