oh lucky dog cuisine !

daisy, a six year old beagle in Irvine, loves the Lucky Dog cuisine food, she really loves it… it’s totally different than the other food she eats. Daisy just totally scarfs it up…says her dog owner Cheryl who loves the ingredients, such as ground angus beef, yogurt, barley, carrots, peas, beans, tomatoes, whole eggs, organic flax seed, olive oil, sea salt, and love… and it looks so good, just like people food….

Cheryl says that she definitely recommends the Lucky Dog food and she wants to become a regular customer… She feeds Daisy one package each evening and loves the variety of the different 16 ounce packages with the cute names, bugsy best beef and barley, beef and rice, perfect pooch pasta and tail wagging turkey…

the food comes frozen and you can take one package out at a time, add a little warm water and voila !




cici is anxiously awaiting her portion… meanwhile, she is wagging her tail for treats…

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