Michael Vick: the dogs…

Michael Vick was recently given his fame and fortune back… and went on TV without apologizing… meanwhile, the dogs he tortured and killed paid dearly…

for a little bit of perspective, here are some of the dogs that were rescued by the SPCA in Monterey, dogs that Michael Vick abused for the fun of it…


Some of the dogs were also taken to Best Friends Animal Society (see Vicktory dogs section on their website), BAD RAP in San Francisco, and others…

Some of the dogs have been adopted, fostered, and others will remain at Best Friends forever… The dogs paid the price, not Michael Vick.

It’s obscene that he should be allowed to play again. He should be made to pay millions to take care of the dogs that survived his kennel.

Will be writing more about the dogs in the SPCA soon…


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3 responses to “Michael Vick: the dogs…

  1. May

    Terrible Michael Vick! The country should do something for the poor dogs that lost their lives and those who survived his hell hole!!!!!!! letting him play and get his fame n fortune again is indeed one very wrong thing to do in this world!!!!!!! hope this world still have its rightful law and stick by it please!!!!!

  2. Note: I was fortunate to meet three of the survivors, Red, Ginger and Stella and their owners and will be posting their photos and interviews with their owners… It has taken a lot of time, love and tender care to get these dogs back from the horror they experienced but with the dedicated and committed staff at the Monterey SPCA, Best Friends Animal Society and BadRap (and other animal rescue organizations and owners, foster parents) the dogs are winning. It was very touching and heart warming to meet the dogs and their owners and you will soon, please stay tuned!!!

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