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With Enough Love All Things are Possible

Survivors, we rarely think of dogs as survivors… we think of cancer survivors, concentration camp survivors, and/or abuse survivors…

But Red, Stella and Ginger are definitely abuse survivors. They are canine survivors of Michael Vick’s Bad Newz Kennels. Each is now living new lives with loving owners in multi-dog homes with staff from the Monterey SPCA…Best Friends Animal Society took in 22 of the dogs and BadRAP and other organizations received the rest of the dogs.

When Ginger first came to Stacy’s home, she was 28 pounds, would not eat and hid out a lot behind furniture. She was terrified of people and Stacy had a difficult time getting her to cross any threshold. Ginger had door issues. It didn’t matter whether it was a front or back door. Ginger just did not want to go inside. She’d hunker down on the ground. For some reason, a lot of the dogs had issues with doorways.

And it took a long time to get Ginger used to new situations and environments. She would just shake and hide. When Stacy first brought Ginger to work with her at the SPCA, Ginger would hide behind the desk. Ginger had to learn to relax around people. Occasionally, now she goes to work with Stacy and she is a different girl.

Today, Ginger came out of her crate, got treats and greeted me. She stared and there was a slight smile, she sniffed me, and no doubt smelled Cici on my clothes.

A huge photo of Ginger can be seen at the local Pet Food Express store in Carmel. She looks larger than life there, bigger than she is in person.

It is clear that Ginger has received a lot of positive attention by the staff and is totally loved by Stacy.

Ginger has gained 10 pounds and her favorite foods are treats and food from Stacy’s plate. Her favorite toys are the Jelly Ball and toys that dispense treats such as the Kong.

Stacy now has a roommate with a dog and Ginger and the Dutch Shepherd dog play together in the huge one acre yard. Ginger and the cat ignore one another.

“I wanted to foster a pit bull. I’ve always liked them and I didn’t even know that the Michael Vick dogs were here at the SPCA. I received Ginger in November 2007,” said Stacy.

Ginger was chosen for Stacy because the dog was so shy, withdrawn and needed a lot of quiet time and a safe haven that Stacy could give her.

“I hand fed her for a long time, it took a few months for Ginger to trust and eat properly and now she cannot stop eating. She’s at home while I’m at work most of the time. When I get home, it’s play time. She’s had a lot of training including the Basic Obedience course and Pit Bull 101 that is taught by Amanda at the SPCA,” continued Stacy.

Ginger was borderline meaning they were not sure if she would be able to be adopted and live in a home after all she had been through.

“It’s just great to see Ginger act like a dog. There were a lot of first times. The first time she sat on a couch. The first time she ran up to say hi. The first time she rode in the car. Now she’s been to Tahoe and Sonoma. She just got jittery in new situations. But gradually, step by step, she’s coming out of her shell,” concluded Stacy.

Thanks to Stacy and the SPCA who have given Ginger a lot of time, love, and tenderness, she is living a happy new life.

Amanda adopted Red, he’s a very handsome boy with sad eyes who had cancer, it’s in remission. Amanda trains the dogs and teaches Pit Bull 101 at the SPCA.

Jon is fostering Stella, a very exuberant, enthusiastic and friendly girl. They gave me treats to give to this beautiful black and white pit bull and she gobbled them up. Her tail was constantly wagging and she seemed anxious to meet me and the world.

For some dogs, living a dog’s life means happy days, wagging tails and lots of love and treats. Someday maybe even belly rubs. It’s a goal Stacy wishes for with Ginger and we hope it comes true. Cici the belly showoff woofs meaning every dog should have their belly rubbed. At least several times a day.

After meeting the three dogs and watching Cici meet people with her happy smile, trusting, wagging tail and showoff belly floor show, I pray that all of the canine survivors will heal and be able to trust people again.



sdubuc and ginger


By the way, watching Georgia on Larry King Live, was really inspiring. She is one of the 22 dogs that Best Friends has given a new life. Here’s the video:




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6 responses to “survivor dogs

  1. sandysays1

    Great story and a great motive. Just one little word. Anyone who adopts a troubled pooch needs to have a REAL sense of commitment. It isn’t easy for the human or one of my canine bro’s or sis’s. If you make the decision, make the commitment. Simply returning a dog you thought you’d like to save because its difficult doesn’t get it. You need to be in it for the LONG haul. And, after the trials and troubles that it truly takes to make a save we canines will make all your efforts and disappointments worth it.

    • really great point, thank you ! it is clear that the SPCA, Best Friends, BadRap and other orgs. that took in these dogs have demonstrated a real commitment to the dogs and it is paying off… many have been adopted and are living NEW lives !

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