winner of the shaggy dog tales contest

As you know, we had a shaggy dog tales contest, with the deadline August 31. I had asked for heartwarming or funny dog travel tales 1200 words and/or photos and poems…

the winner of the funniest dog travel story is : Sharon Sakson, Author of Paws & Effect: The Healing Power of Dogs …

a tale of a whippet gone soggy by Sharon Sakson

I was taking my Whippet with me to a reading at a bookstore in Westchester in New York state. We got onto the turnpike near Princeton, where I live, and took a ticket for the toll. We drove the 50 miles north towards New York, me switching radio stations to find rock and roll, Abby lying quietly in the passenger seat.

As we approached exit 18, I began to search for my toll ticket. I usually put it in the ashtray, but it wasn’t there. must have fallen down between the seats. Frantically, I stuck my hand under my seat and then the passenger seat. Abby sat up to watch what I was doing. Now, my window was down and I rolled up to the ticket taker. I said, “I can’t find my ticket!”

The woman was looking right at Abby. I stuck my hand beneath Abby’s muzzle, and she spit out a well-chewed ball of cardboard. I turned to the woman and offered the spit ball to her. “This is it.”

She charged me the rate for the entire turnpike route, $9.05. She wouldn’t believe me that if she unrolled the spit ball, it would have “Exit 8” written on it, which would cost $5.

Now, I put my toll tickets in the sun visor above my head.


Now, it’s CeliaSue and frankly, I was disappointed in the response to the contest. I was surprised that many of the entries were inappropriate and did not follow the guidelines… Instead of what I asked for, I received press releases about pet sitters and dog shows, links to blog posts as well as a chapter to a book, an invitation to call someone and info about a fake dog traveling the world …

There are many contests out there as well as writer’s guidelines. When publishers, agents and/or contest bloggers ask people to follow specific guidelines, they have reasons. If a person does not follow directions and instructions, they are not going to win the contest.

FYI, I did interview the traveling stuffed animal, because it was cute, similar to Flat Stanley… and told the owner that she would not be entered in the contest because I wanted dog travel tales about real dogs…

the entry above tells a funny dog tale, the story has a beginning a middle and an end plus every dog owner can relate… and the story follows my guidelines.

I was hoping for a whole bunch of great photos, poems and heartwarming tales… so that there could be more than one winner, I had thought there would be a few winners… one for funny one for heartwarming one for poem and one for photos… instead, there is one winner…

Congratulations, Sharon !!!

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