bathing a dog… hah…

hilarious, does this person actually have a dog ???

you might want to slowly turn on the water while your dog stands patiently to be put into the tub… hah !

at the sound of running water, my dog cici runs and hides… tries to become invisible, shakes, and otherwise exhibits signs of trauma to come..

have tried some handiwipes (all natural, eco friendly) from Pet Food Express, which takes off the grime without committing the crime of putting soap and water on her, imagine, thinking bathing the dog is easy…

I LOVE the new shampoo but how to get the dog into the tub is vexing… am open to REAL solutions,, got any???


this pup is from Bad Rap’s pit bull blog… sure, he looks like he’s really happy while bathing, NOT ! too cute… but he did it for a good cause… fundraising for dog vests…

need a dog fix, adopt one of these beauties !


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