to b and b or not to b and b…

that is the question…

last summer, I had two very different experiences at inns… this is totally true, no exaggeration…

which inn would you want to stay at and come back to again and again??? which innkeeper loves being an innkeeper and which one might consider retirement or another profession?

this is what the first innkeeper did…

1. when we arrived, i was offered help with luggage and asked if i wanted a cold drink…

2. my dog was also welcomed… i was told repeatedly that my dog had the run of the house and shown various entrances and exits to make it easy for us to come into or out of the house….there were chickens in a coop and baby chicks off the side of the house and my dog was more than tolerated, patted, rubbed and given lots of attention (plus cheese and sausage) and a bowl for water

3. my internet connection did not happen, so i was offered to use the innkeeper’s computer to use to get on the internet, was able to sit at their desk and also told that they had two phones with free long distance and i could make phone calls if i needed to do so

4. before the innkeeper left for a meeting, they showed me around, explained how everything worked, and made sure i was comfortable. plus, the home was immaculate, sparkling clean, and fresh …

5. when they returned from their meeting, they offered tea and two blueberry muffins before I went to sleep.

6. upon arising early, i was offered an earlier than usual breakfast and hot water for tea was available beforehand.

7. the breakfast was done with a lot of flair and i was told how they came up with the idea.

8. there was a parting gift to remember the inn and innkeepers by.

9. i was asked if i needed assistance with my luggage when i left.

10. i was also given suggestions about places to go and take the dog in the area as well as directions … i left feeling as though my dog and I were both pampered and cared for…

the very next day at another inn…

l. i was greeted by the innkeeper saying that my dog basically was not welcome (even though she knew that I was bringing a dog and writing about dog travel) because there were chickens running around loose on the property and a fraidy cat dog

2. i was also told that i was expected later in the afternoon, all of which was a complete unwelcome

3. i was shown to my room upstairs, no downstairs rooms were an option (I had thought there were two ground level cottages). When we went downstairs, the innkeeper and I chatted in the kitchen while my dog was in the car, in the hot sun, the phone rang and the innkeeper not only took the call but stayed on the phone for more than 10 minutes, while i sat there waiting, i finally indicated that i was going upstairs and bringing my dog with me

4. i waited for more than an hour for the innkeeper to get back to me, and she never did.

5. she had mentioned she would be doing a wine and cheese hour in the afternoon and when i finally came downstairs (after waiting for her to get back to me) and asked about it, I was told, you said you did not want any wine. was i offered anything else to drink or eat? no… the innkeeper acted like it was a huge inconvenience, doors were slammed and i finally was given a generous slab of cheese and crackers, no water, no soft drink, no lemonade, no conversation and the person left to go off to a meeting for the evening.

6. the next morning, i was asked if eggs were ok for breakfast at 8:30… i said yes. I was not asked about my preferences or allergies or how i like my eggs cooked. they were thrown together, homestyle, scrambled with bacon (which I don’t eat) and english muffins, and yogurt and fruit was offered. not exactly the sort of food expected at a b and b.

7. the room itself smelled funny, no desk to work on and i had no idea if there was any temperature control of the room if it got cold nor if I could get on the Internet or not

8. the downstairs seemed dusty, musty and not entirely clean, there was a tv downstairs in the living room, but i was not told whether i could watch it or how to use it and there was no tv in my room nor a phone either

9. no parting gift, and no assistance or suggestions except to take my dog for a long walk which i had before we arrived. she had been able to run and roam free at a couple of properties but not in a couple of days…. and this property had no place for her that was safe… there was a busy road with cars, horses, chickens and no fenced area for the dog to play

10. i could not wait to leave and left at 9:15 am, I cannot recommend this inn to anyone… and if an innkeeper treats a travel writer this way, this is indicative of how they treat their ‘real’ guests… some innkeepers think it doesn’t matter and just want to make money and wonder why no one is booking at their inn. and they think that it is totally fine to give the media their worst rooms and to treat us shabbily, and then expect positive publicity… on what planet??? most innkeepers are more media savvy and smart than that… but some have an attitude that is unfathomable to me… if you don’t want us in your home, don’t invite us…

and if we go out of our way to get you excellent media coverage, don’t flake on the opportunity or you will be blacklisted and banned from future opportunities. the media are people,, too and no one likes to be treated badly.

do you treat your guests as if they are pests or people you truly want to be in your home ? do you think any guest would ever want to pay to stay at the second inn, visit the second inn another time and/or recommend it to their friends?

according to bed and, It is more important than ever to give your guests the best service and to get involved in social media and do publicity… just saying, if you need assistance, contact me and if I can assist you with writing a blog, twitter, newsletters, or other publicity, let me know…



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4 responses to “to b and b or not to b and b…

  1. SailorKara

    I’m dying to know who aced the travel test and who failed miserably… Are you going to name names?

  2. Traveling with your pet. The Sixth Avenue House b&b located in Asbury Park, New Jersey is a true pet friendly B&B, Opening as a pet friendly B&B last April it is rated by Trip Adviser as a top notch B&B.
    Located just block from the 8th avenue Dog beach in a pet friendly town on the Jersey Shore, the Sixth Avenue House B&B hope to make traveling with your pet a great experience. For more information check out the Jersey Shore Official Website at or the

    • that’s great, but i write about pet friendly places that I’ve been to and I have not been to your place and am not planning a trip to new jersey any time in the near future… good fortune… however, if you’d like to be considered for an upcoming calendar of pet friendly inns, it will cost $350-500 to be featured for one entire month and you will receive 100 calendars. the calendars will also be sent out to select media that are pet friendly and travel reporters and editors… let me know.

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