fibromyalgia, chronic pain

i am writing to you because I need prayer and healing support asap… also resources…

I turned 60 yesterday, have fibromyalgia and been fine for 7 years… had relieved 95% of symptoms but 3-4 weeks ago, agonizing pain began, back muscle spasms, arms, legs hurt and can barely stand up, dress, drive, etc. and take care of my pooch… my family is dead and no one to stay with…

so am asking for prayer, also if u know anyone who is willing to donate land, a home, trailer, rV, even a van, for me and my pooch to live in asap, that would be especially helpful…. also am in desperate need of pain relief supplements … we are in central california, thanks much…

there seems to be little support for women over 60, there are orgs for people with aids and cancer but not for millions of women with fibromyalgia, chronic pain…

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  1. Celia,

    I am so sorry to hear this. Unfortunately I live far far East of you in Maine. I hope this brings forth some offers of help for you.

    My thoughts are with you. Update when you can:(


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