my dog is a pizza hog

hello all, am still experiencing lots of pain in my arms and legs…

cici is a pizza hog and is sniffing out pizza everywhere people throw it away, but the good news is that she also has been eating a lot healthier (as have I) these past few months… she has been even miraculously eating her veggies with turkey, chicken, hot dogs, cheese or eggs… go figure… never thought she would eat veggies but it started with my experimenting with Dr. Harvey’s K9 health food and Veggie Bowl and voila, she scarfed both all up with the meat…

pray for people in Haiti and don’t forget people in the USA who also need aid… include the pets/animals in your prayers, too…

been learning a lot about training dogs watching victoria stillwell on animal planet, also zak george… and what not to wear and tabitha… lots of makeover shows… and the cake boss and ace of cake, yum…

cheers !

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One response to “my dog is a pizza hog

  1. some of the health foods that i always eat are those gluten free foods:-.

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