it’s a great dog food life….

well, for two years, apparently, cici and i have been flirting with this dog food… they are located in Carson City, Nevada, where I lived for six years and did not know about them… had to leave, go far away to california to find out about them…

first, we were in a pet food store in carmel, where cici was given some treats, and recently, we were given a huge bag of raw venison kibble… now this ain’t your grocery store brand crappy dog food… they don’t even use potatoes in their grain free dog food because of the high glycemic level, worse than sugar, and leads to dog diabetes…

Great Life uses tapioca and jicama- two fine ingredients to help aid digestion and have beneficial fiber.

anyway, the proof is in the dog food… cici scarfed it all up, she loved this food… yummmy in her silly pink tummy…. what i also found unique is that the ingredients are raw but in a kibble… huh… interesting…

cici did not try the canned food, but it comes it delicious sounding flavors such as chicken parmagiana (cici lOVes pizza), beef wellington, irish lamb stew, baby back ribs and more and all are organic and priced similar to other canned dog foods we use.

here’s an article about dog food from the vet Dr. Elliot Harvey himself who has created these find dog foods…

enjoy, woof !!!

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One response to “it’s a great dog food life….

  1. Great Life is a good food, no doubt about it. Another good one is Nature’s Variety. My last little dog was on their raw food diet and he just loved it. He was a healthy little monster, save for his liver deformity (which eventually took him from us). The vet said if it wasn’t for that he probably would have lived a nice long life, he was such a healthy and lively little thing.

    It’s nice to see another dedicated pit bull lover. I don’t have the pleasure of owning a pitty at this time, but I’m in love with the breed and hope to adopt one in the future.

    Cici is adorable and I love your blog.

    Take care!

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