my dog ate what?

should you or do you feed your dog raw soup bones (the marrow)???  well, sometimes I do… however, this past week cici had one and ate the whole thing… it was frozen, she ate it over a few hours, and it was large… a few hours later, she was panting and just plain acting weird, finally, she threw up a few times, and by about midnight, she finally stopped panting and came to bed… the next few days she had the runs (diarrhea)… I fed her lightly and was quite concerned that she might have swallowed a big chunk that might have gotten caught and clogged up her intestines… the vet said she would have to have x-rays ($100) and possibly exploratory surgery (thousands)… so if I EVER give her a raw bone again, it will be MUCH Smaller… and I will monitor her more often… I was watching her but was surprised when the whole thing was GONE…

The other night watched a show on National Geographic about stuff that dogs eat… and usually had to have surgery for because it threatened their life/health… $800 in $20 bills (the dog was able to throw those up like a doggie ATM), a huge spoon, a clothes hanger, fish hooks, thong underwear and other crazy things…

what’s the weirdest thing that your dog has ever eaten???


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2 responses to “my dog ate what?

  1. my little chihuahua ate his own poo poo 😦

    • yes, well some dogs enjoy the taste of their own or other dog’s poop, check his diet, he may be missing some important ingredients, esp. if you feed him with commercial/supermarket brand dog foods…

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