girls just wanna chase lizards…

and cats…

but the cats have been outsmarting the cici dog… good for them…  cici goes to the same spot every day where she has spotted a cat i guess thinking that they will be there again, but of course the cats know better than hang out there…

cici looks hysterically funny jumping into the bushes, all you can see is her wiggly butt and tail wagging sticking out, as she sticks her nose into see the lizzies flurry about…

so many photo ops so little time…

we also had a visitor frog, cici sniffed at it and walked right on by, i guess because it didn’t run away, did eventually hop but cici was already in the car… would she have hopped after the frog???

Dogs love to chase things that move, be it a tennis ball, frisbee, cat, kid, shadow, rabbit, cat, squirrel, whatever, it seems to be the number one priority, besides eating, of course.


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4 responses to “girls just wanna chase lizards…

  1. My dog Sophie is just like Cici! She takes her chasing very seriously – like it is a life or death situation! Ha!

  2. what about new posts ? 🙂 Or you are on vacations heh

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