k9 aggression triggers

at the doggie park, cici and her bff marla have lots of friends to also play with including zin, millie, trevor, shadow, pearl and pebbles, the dals, two airdales, a rat terrier, a jack russell terrier, and even a couple of puppy pitties… when cici and titan, a white puppy pit, first met they growled at one another and cici got over it and titan became her bff of the day, she licked and slobbered all over that poor puppy as she does with marla and most humans…

it is really really nice for cici to have a doggie pal that she gets to play with almost every day over time, she has not had that. marla can be a brat/bully at times but cici loves her and gets very excited to see her.

marla’s owner cynthia and i were talking about how some dogs just don’t seem to like one another, and how some dog owners just see a pit bull or german shepherd and leave the park. she said another dog does not like marla for some reason and after i left the park one day there was a big k9 brouhaha.  there have been a couple of run-ins for cici, because of irresponsible dog owners with out of control dogs.

if two dogs growl at one another at the gate, i would not bring cici inside, duh, but this one woman brought 3 dogs inside, they all ganged up on cici, cici grabbed an ear to protect herself and it was awful, thankfully no one got hurt.

so here is an article that addresses dog aggression triggers and offers solutions…


and by the way, i fell down and broke my wrist and finger, not cici’s fault, she was inside…

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  1. After looking over this blog post I took a look around the site. You have done a good job gathering all this information.

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