sticking up for the under dogs

beware of weird dog owners at the dog park especially…

yesterday, cici played peacefully for an hour or so with some new doggie pals, a labradoodle, pulli, aussie shepherd, a french sheep dog and her best friend marla, the belgium shepherd… wrestling, chasing, catching frisbees, rolling around, bathing in the drinking water…

then came trouble into the park. some guy brings his two dogs into the park ON LEASH, a tiny chiwowwow and a big dog, maybe a dobie rottie mix. the rules say do not bring your dog inside on leash because dogs can get growly and worse when on leash.

some of the dogs came to the gate to greet the dogs including cici, and the big dog snarled and snapped at her and she responded in kind while i got there as fast as i could. thankfully the owner of the lab and pulli got cici out of harm’s way but the guy started yelling at her then me about MY aggressive breed dog, my dog who had been playing just fine with a bunch of dogs until HIS dog arrived.  i left and he did too, but not before accusing me, projecting his own fears and aggressiveness onto cici…

some dogs and their owners should not be allowed into the dog park.

it gets weary sometimes people’s animosity towards pitties…

and reminds me of this experiment they showed last night on what would you do, a new tv show. at a czech bakery, the shopkeeper started yelling at this muslim woman in a burka, saying all kinds of really ignorant racist things about her. most people ignored him unfortunately, a few supported his bigotry and a few brave souls either left or told him off for being such a bad american.  two girls asked to speak to the mgr. it also struck me that czechs have been discriminated against and most people, not all, but many who know what it is like to be unfairly accused tend to stick up for the underdog. not always, sometimes they are worse.

when in doubt out the racists safely including dog owners and others who discriminate against innocent people and/or dogs.

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