happy halloweenie…

think it’s appropriate for halloween, a holiday where scary things go boo in the night, and some people are still afraid of pitties to share the links below plus our day at the mall.

today at the mall, cici got a lot of positive attention, as she usually does. she ignored five dogs, a really cute poodle, a huge dog of unknown breed, one poodle mix dog dressed up with antlers, they sniffed each other, and then there were two chi’s that were very loud and  cici barked back… guess who people looked scared of, uh huh, but the scariest boo moment was when this dyed pink poodle passed her by, cici’s tail went between her legs, she was seriously scared, don’t blame her…

it was also funny, people were standing in line wanting to pet her… typical comments: “she is adorable. is her name spot? she looks like the Lil Rascals dog, she is so sweet, calm. What a great dog. Love the spot on her head.”

tomorrow they will have a doggie dress up day, and we will NOT be there… I don’t dress cici up, she is a dog after all…

and if you still think pitties are scary, check out the links below:

which is the most vicious dog breed? dobie, pit bull, rottie, shepherd? http://www.cesarsway.com/dogwhisperer/episode-archive/season-2-episode-1

american pit bull terriers and staffies temperament tested nicer than beagles, toto, (cairn terrier), & lassie, (collie), http://www.atts.org/stats2.html

play the find the pit game, http://www.understand-a-bull.com/Findthebull/findpitbull_v3.html

What’s Up With That: Breed Specific Legislation


if you believe the headlines that pit bulls chew on children, infants, babies, then, you just don’t know the truth… pit bulls were bred as nanny dogs, to love children, to take care of and protect children…

cici loves babies, newborns, 3 months old, kids of all ages, she loves children…

ANY dog should be supervised, just like kids… and ANY DOG BREED can become unsafe if not socialized, if tied up 24/7 on a chain, brutalized and traumatized repeatedly. Animals, like humans, have feelings and will protect themselves from constant attack, eventually. Although, cici has been attacked by other dogs at least 5 times  and the worst she ever did was bark, growl, and hold a dog’s ear in her mouth (when three dogs were surrounding her barking, growling, snapping at her)…




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