is your dog rude?

cici has another new doggie friend in the neighborhood, well not quite a friend… she discovered this tiny poodle sleeping in a crate in the front yard, presumably  24/7 since it is ALWAYS there yapping… but the first time was about 5:30 a.m. of course… that dog must have woken up the neighborhood…

then we went to the mall on a Saturday before turkey day and SPCA was doing Santa Paws and the place was a zoo… and this guy in a black Mercedes had his poor little dog in the car for at least 30 minutes WITH NO AIR… I don’t even care if the air conditioning was on, that poor dog, was yapping the whole time,  but the dog HAD NO AIR.  Finally, I told Petco who told me to tell someone else and then the mall security and it seemed no one was going to do anything and the owner showed up… He was extremely haughty and rude when I asked him to turn down his window so I could talk to him… and you just know if he did it once, he will do it again…

why have a dog if you are going to treat it like either of the above situations?  dogs are not stuffed animals to play with when you’re bored and/or have nothing to do…

ok, so I am not always the best dog parent, I admit that… sometimes I forgot to do basic things or let her run around wild when she needs the exercise… like this morning, she NEEDED to run so I let her, it was really early… but then she decided to go into one neighbor’s yard.  Sometimes I think that my dog is just too rude. She will go into your yard, into your house, run around your living room, jump on your beds, sniff around for food, and leave… or get into your car and do the same. Is she looking for a new dog parent/family??? I wonder sometimes…

well, enough soap box… here are some fun photos…









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4 responses to “is your dog rude?

  1. Yes! Sometimes, Gus can be rude! He loves to jump on people, and although he’s small, we know he shouldn’t do it!

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  3. The police will break a car window if the dog is suffering in a hot car – at least they will in Canada and I would assume the same in USA. I don’t believe dogs should be left alone in a car in the summer, even with air conditioning – as this can go on the fritz and the dog will become overheated very quickly.

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