sit spot sit…

don’t know what is sillier us humans trying to understand our dogs or our dogs just being dogs…

for instance, cici and the yard. ok, it was a hard week, i was sick with a bad cold and she got to be a dog this week in the yard for a few hours a day, horrors of horrors !  she was not tied up to a brick, she was not tied up at all, she was not there for 24/7, she was not cold, wet nor overheated… she was not mistreated, except well maybe you know she got to be a regular dog for a couple of hours each day, sheesh… she is not a barker but she barked and yapped like the neighbor dog for awhile… and the way she barked, you’d have thought someone was killing her out there… or at least maiming her for life.

so then yesterday, i just put her in the yard for a few short minutes to let her do her business and then we could be together… so I guess she thought she was banished again. but this time, she sat down and looked pathetically at me, no barking, just acceptance of her fate. No doing her business in the yard either which frustrated me so her sitting there looking pathetic strategy became a self-fulfilling prophecy… i left here there for a half hour instead of staying there with her for a few minutes while she peed and pooped.

when i came back, she was still sitting in the same spot, as if that spot was going to save her from the dark, cold, wet night in the yard. I NEVER intended to leave her there all night but I guess she was ready to man the spot til morning. But I took her in and guess some time during my leaving her and coming back, she did what I wanted her to do (but she’d never let on, leaving me to wonder, roll my eyes, shake my head)…

perhaps since people ask me all the time if her name is spot, she was auditioning for a new series of sit spot sit books… starring the polka dot princess and her yard…

she woofed and woofed in her sleep and i wonder if she was still sitting in that spot in the yard while she slept or if she was running far far away from the yard… what do you suppose your dog dreams about?  do they like or hate their yard?

fyi, this doggie blog is soooo funny you just have to tune in, all about moving with two dogs,



who me, I’m just  a dog… don’t leave me all alone in the yard … I could die out there all by myself… there are killer weeds out there who eat puppy dogs like me!!!

(this photo is from when we lived in the house in Nevada. she hated that yard too and it had real grass)…

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