sit spot stay part 2

everything i just wrote, several paragraphs just got wiped out, not liking this at all…

so I will start with what I wrote last, which was that cici made a sound i have never heard before, she was not howling, she sounded just like a siren, weird… maybe the siren was disturbing her nap?

anyway, am convinced that lola, the dog next door has been sending cici secret coded barked messages about the yard… something like: first they put you in the yard, next they tie you up to a brick, then they leave you out 24/7… your life as a princess is over !!! dog, run for your life, or go to death con 500000 and shake, look pathetic, rattle, roll, do whatever you can to win them back. (fyi I did call the spca about poor lola, but they never called back)…

meanwhile, cici has been exploring as many yards in the hood as she can possibly looking for a better yard she can escape to? greener pastures?

she did not like the other yards where we lived before either and she could escape them, this yard has a very very tall fence and there is no way she can climb out of it… and it also has no comfy cushy furniture, no pillows, no dog bed, no dog house, nothing she can rest her polka dot princess paws or butt upon… so you can see she is really deprived…

she went wild at the mall last night… lst time all week we’ve been out, just for a tiny time, had to meet someone there.. she wagged her tail and licked and said hello to all, friends and foes (one foe), desperately eager, as if to say rescue me, I am finally out of the dreaded yard…

poor baby…

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