happy birthday to me !

cici woofed me happy birthday this morning… I know that she is hoping to get in on some of the birthday freebies I found online…


happy birthday to jamie lee curtis, and mariel hemingway, too… so many amazing people were born on this date 🙂

and I always remember JFK, he was killed on my 14th birthday…

ask not what your country can do for you (yes, do ask now), ask what you can do for your country… ask and you shall receive… there are too many people, myself included, who have fallen through the cracks of a very broken system… and don’t qualify for anything despite having worked very hard for many many years…

anyway, am thankful to Denny’s for my free birthday breakfast, it was a Grand Slam ! 🙂

Benihana’s and/or Chevy’s for lunch…

Cold Stone Creamery for cake or ice cream…

and going to see Harry Potter…

too bad Jack in the Box, taco bell and other fast food places give nada… after all the money they make. tsk tsk tsk…



what do you think about our new look?


vote in our poll about tsa body scanning

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