when cici met lola and pablo at the park…

well, folks, making plans is fun but you know what they say, we make plans and God laughs… so it was on my birthday… my car conked out and got towed, so no Harry Potter, no ice cream, no lunches…

did finally go to see Harry Potter yesterday… I liked it.  has been awhile since I read the book perhaps that’s why, don’t recall the book, but felt the movie was decent… better than the last movie…

anyway, cici had to spend the day yesterday in the yard, not happy, but she and Lola did whoop it up the day before, chased one another, played with a squeaky toy at the little park down the street from us. Lola is FAST, super poodle girl… cici could hardly keep up. Then Pablo came out in his yard and wanted to play, too… like their own little doggie park, was very cool for the dogs ! really good exercise for cici !

weather has been very frosty in the mornings, supposed to rain and has been warming up, thankfully…

cici was quite happy to come inside last night and slept in the middle of the bed with no budging her an inch !!!

this morning, we had cold pizza for breakfast again, since no car, cannot get to market… there is a small one nearby but not much in it…

so if anyone has a Toyota Scion (used) for sale, nearby, let me know, I did a test drive and that is the car I want asap…

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