twitter anyone?

you can meet fun people on the Internet, twitter, facebook, blogging…  networking…

and other pet bloggers are a very interesting bunch… some are authors, trainers, groomers, communicators, animal rescuers, pet product company spokespeople or just plain old dog owners. some have one dog, like me, others, a bunch of canines.

Edie Jarolim, is one such lady who I follow on Twitter. Her tweets are always fun, interesting and sometimes downright howlarious… so one day I clicked on over to her blog,

A guilt-free zone for good dog owners,  and found out she has written a book called Am I Boring My Dog? and 99 Other Things Every Dog Wishes You Knew…

after reading her posts, I wanted more, so I got a copy of the book.

indeed, it’s a wow-ser!

didn’t really know what to expect, except I hoped it would be fun like her blog and imagine, IT IS !

maybe you have a dog, or have dreamed of getting one, for sure you know other people in those categories, so get this book!  it answers basic questions such as should I get a mixed breed or a purebred, what should I call my dog, why should I get a dog rather than a cat, how do I know my child is ready for a dog, and outrageous others such as is there such a thing as a dog travel agent, a doggie shrink, and will my dog hate me if I dress her (YES!)…and do all dogs get grumpy when they get old?

and the best part is it is easy to read in small bits of time, because it is organized into bite-sized pieces, so if you are hurrying around for the howlidays and don’t have a spare second, no worries. This book provides practical info while making you chuckle, all in a short amount of time, no small feat.

cici and I especially enjoyed the section on  Fun and Games on the Road.

love the dog you’re with, and treat the dog owners in your life with this Erma Bombeck meets Victoria Stillwell read.

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One response to “twitter anyone?

  1. Thank you very much for this review; I especially loved the Erma Bombeck meets Victoria Stilwell comparison. I agree — it’s very nice to e-meet new people on the various social media sites and I’m happy you found me!

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