treat your dog with a clear conscience

Cici smelled the package and was ready to tear into it… it was a package from a new company, Clear Conscience and inside was bison scapular chews, (made from natural cartilage from free range, grass-fed North American bison)  clearly they drew her interest immediately… These were the Scappy Chewz™ and she chomped down one of the three that came in the package in 5 minutes or less. The other two were chomped down later. These chews are made in the U.S.A. and are healthy, crunchy, digestible chew treats for dogs with no added growth hormones, steroids, antibiotics or artificial preservatives. Meaty treats that are grain-free, gluten-free, and ultra low in carbohydrates.

Apparently, cartilage and tendons are a much better and safer option than real bones for most dogs. They provide almost the same chewing satisfaction and dental benefits as bones, but they are digestible and therefore safer.

I was very happy to read about this because I’ve given Cici bones (raw) from the supermarket and she’s had problems digesting them and at times chewed off more than she could swallow or digest and I’ve read that rawhide chews are not good for dogs.

Yet, the dilemma has been what to give her to chew on. Sometimes, a dog just needs to chew. These Clear Conscience chews are a solution, chews that dog owners can feel good about giving their dogs.  It felt really good for me to give cici such high quality products.

Too many pet treats come from China, or use many ingredients sourced from China and other overseas sources with far less stringent food safety regulation than in the U.S.A. The terrible recalls in the pet food business a few years ago were traced back to non-edible Chinese protein additives, used to adulterate and cheapen products for low-cost export.

Here are guidelines from Clear Conscience about how to safely give treats to your dog:

There are several different kind of chews, softer ones to chew on and harder ones, too.

then there were the treats called CC Barkz (for Cici) made from organic liver and beef with dried veggies, spinach, pumpkin and carrots… I never thought cici would eat these, frankly because she is just not into liver nor veggies, but a miracle !  she devoured these treats and wanted more… but then these treats are from organic sources and the veggies are snuck in there, sneaky works !


ORDER NOW: if you want to order these healthy snacks and chews for your dog, Clear Conscience is offering a 25% special discount for my readers, for a short time this holiday season, so hurry hurry and order some goodies for your pooch… and tell them Cici sent you, here’s the code to use:  FBFRIENDS25

homemade dog treat makers cannot make these treats… typical ingredients:  chicken liver from factory farm chickens (ugh), flour (wheat), cornmeal (GMO, GE corn) and eggs from factory farms… yuck, another toxic treat for your pet !   i suppose you could use organic beef liver, an alternative flour, organic veggies and cage free or eggs fresh from a local farm, but still don’t think you’d get as good a product…

Clear Conscience Pet® are supporters of Temple Grandin’s philosophy and have been successful in finding ranchers and processors who are familiar with and follow her principles.

I’d say that Cici and I give the Scappy Chewz™ and CC Organic Blend Beef Liver Bark OSV a four paws up rating…woof woof wag wag !

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