dead dogs don’t lie…

Updates:  a beautiful message about forgiveness from Best Friends


according to CBS news, Vick is only banned from getting a dog until 2012… 

good to see some media speak out against his getting a dog, although Jane does not get the full extent of his guilt… and at least some are asking people their opinions…

muzzle vick,

A group called HumaneWatchers (on facebook) is fronting for the people who kill seals, fur and agribusiness. They put a big ad in the NY Times on Sunday (see my blog post about Humanewatch exposed). What I don’t understand about the Humane Society, I have some emails from Wayne Pacelle, is that first they wanted to kill all of the dogs and now they say Vick is making progress. Remains to be seen by many.

It occurs to me why all the positive media spin on vick… it is because Jim Gorant’s book The Lost Dogs is getting a lot of publicity. Gorant is doing a lot of media.  As the truth gets out there about the dogs that vick terrorized and killed with his own hands, vick’s PR goes into action… which is why it is sooooo important for pit bull / dog / animal lovers to speak out against his lies.  Denial ain’t just a river, ya know.

So I apologize to Jim Gorant for giving this important pivotal paragraph away (at the end of this post) and apologize to all who read this post. I am squeamish and avoided reading the 2-3 paragraphs in the book that I knew would make me ill. The book itself is not graphic at all. It is amazing and honors the dogs. The book is all about the dogs and also outlines how they built the case against Vick. The paragraph makes you sad, angry and want to puke but I think it needs to be said … because some people want to believe that vick is somehow magically reformed because he is playing well on the field of football, a brutal sport, I might add.

BadRap helped rehab many of the dogs from the Bad Newz Kennels and when you read Gorant’s book, you will have a better idea how much courage, bravery, patience, love and I don’t even have the words that Donna Reynolds and the others from BadRap, Best Friends Animal Society and other rescues gave to these dogs who were so brutally traumatized by vick. I am haunted for life and so are these dogs, even though they have been loved, cared for and are doing well in their new homes.

You can buy the lost dogs book at Amazon…

Time Magazine just named Michael Vick to the Top of Everything List and as Bad Rap categorized that for anyone to EVER consider giving vick a puppy, kudos and naming him on a top list of anything, is so appalling there are no words.  Bad Rap categorized this in the have you been smokin crack category… they quoted the paragraph and had a link to an article in the Atlantic Journal Constitution about vick.   You can send the AJC your opinion by clicking on the name of the writer of the article.  Also tell the Humane Society what you think, ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh…

Please send Time magazine and the AJC a few choice words, perhaps copy and paste the paragraph about the little red dog to them, if enough people do that, maybe people will get it…

you can click on the name of the writer Alexandra Silver to send an email to Time magazine, you can also sign the petition from

Write to Michael Vick and tell him politely not to get a dog. Take action link:

A dog shouldn’t be adopted to someone with a history of animals abuse, just like a child shouldn’t be adopted to someone with a history of child abuse.

ok, here it is, say a prayer, a moment of silence, and cry for the lost little red dog…

From The Lost Dogs by Jim Gorant, senior editor of Sports Illustrated…..

“As that dog lay on the ground, fighting for air, Quanis Phillips grabbed its front legs and Michael Vick grabbed its back legs. They swung the dog over their head like a jump rope then slammed it to the ground. The first impact didn’t kill it. So, Phillips and Vick slammed it again. The two men kept at it, alternating back and forth, pounding the creature against the ground until, at last, the little red dog was dead.


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8 responses to “dead dogs don’t lie…

  1. That paragraph made me sad, but it also infuriated me even further when I hear people go on and on about how he made a mistake, and haven’t you ever made a mistake before? That’s not a mistake- that’s evil…

    • thank you, I posted your comment which I think is important because a lot of people most people? think he just bankrolled the operation/kennels that he personally did nothing, so for them to say he made a mistake, that is where they are coming from, but there is noooooo mistake killing an animal brutally with his own hands, that IS evil… and I get that people don’t know that FACT and that he’s been able to hush that up. people think, oh the poor rich guy was fooled into putting money into that. Nooooo, HE KILLED DOGS WITH HIS OWN HANDS IN BRUTAL WAYS, people.

  2. Mo

    It is a great injustice that this monster did not have to pay for what he has done. Even though it makes you want to, we can’t lose hope. We have to keep fighting to stop people like Vick.

    • yes, thanks to people like you, give hope…

      hey weigh in usa today is asking people to vote on whether the psycho should ever own another dog. i will add the link to my new york times ad post.

  3. Mac

    The devil gives rewards to those who does his deeds. Michael Vick is riding high on DARK GLORY. This is unbelieveable that this man wants another dog. He was blessed with having dogs in his life. What he did was cruelty in the worse way to them. I can just see Vick rubbing a puppy. Then something snaps in his head. He grips the puppy so hard with his hands around the puppy’s throat that it causes the puppy pain. The puppy cries out, then Vick looks around to see if he been caught. NO MORE DOGS FOR VICK. They can not speak so we have to speak for them.

    • it would be a big miracle if it were true that vick was reforming and rehabbing, wonderful for the dogs, the pit bulls he abused as well as others who would benefit. I am praying for the highest good for all in this situation and especially for the dogs. Honor the dogs as Jim Gorant has. Amen.

  4. someone named lilly who did not even have the guts to give her real email address, said they’re just dogs, just pit bulls… he’s her hero. did she read the lost dogs? did she read the last paragraph about the little red dog? not.

    ugh. esp. to write that today, after what happened in tucson yesterday is even more despicable because people who abuse and torture and kill animals also abuse and torture and kill people, it is well documented. vick, manson, oj, all the same.

    this show called what would you do asks people, what would they do if they saw a woman being battered by an abuser in public… no doubt lilly would run/walk away because she’s just a woman.

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