humane watch exposed

I stand corrected by Wayne Pacelle… I don’t agree with his stance on Michael Vick by any stretch of the imagination. But he did tell me about Humane Watch, the organization, fronted by Rick Berman.  Here is what I found out about Rick Berman.

HumaneWatch gets its funding from the fur industry, the sealers, agribusiness, and the circus industry, says Pacelle.

Pacelle says that Berman saying that the Eagles paid the Humane Society and gives less than 1% to local humane societies is how he discredits people.

with all of the money at stake and people lying and misleading for the sake of cash, who do you believe.



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A dog shouldn’t be adopted to someone with a history of animals abuse, just like a child shouldn’t be adopted to someone with a history of child abuse.


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4 responses to “humane watch exposed

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  2. Noa

    Who to believe, the people who make their tax filings available (, or the people whose 501 (c)(3) status is most likely illegal, and is being investigated by the IRS. The money Rich Berman brings in goes straight into his pockets. He doesn’t help anyone, he just steals money from very average Joes, and buys million dollar homes. HSUS takes in donations, devotes 92% or more to animals and runs a world class animal welfare organization. Do I put my money where my mouth is. You betcha. HSUS is the way to go. And disagreeing with Wayne Pacelle about the Vick decision isn’t going to get you booted off any page. If you dare tell the truth on Humanewatch, you will be booted off. The answer is easy. Humanewatch is neither humane nor helpful. It’s a schill group for a multimillionaire (who also runs campaigns against PETA, MADD, is against the CDC, and the FDA, and who will tell you that mercury in fish won’t hurt pregnant women or their babies).

  3. Human Watch may be back by a despicable man and nasty corporations, but no one is denying that the Eagles gave $50,000 to HSUS or that Pacelle said Vick should own a dog again. I don’t like Humane Watch, but don’t allow HSUS to kill the messenger.

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