joy to the world

If you are traveling for the holidays or any time you drive with your dog, you must get this fantastic complete dog travel package from Bergan no pooch should be without… they thought of everything but the kitchen sink !

1. slobber bag (don’t you love that name?) with adjustable straps, easy breezy to carry all your dog’s favorite goodies in even to the dog park. It has a drool proof water resistant inner lining, is durable and  easy to clean

2. machine washable travel pad with soft fleece for comfort and water resistant, put on the floor or bed as makeshift bed or to cover furniture to keep dog hair off

3. bowls for food and water in various sizes and zips up to keep food fresh

4. a harness to keep your dog safe in the car. It comes in four fully-adjustable sizes:
– Xlarge: for pets 80-150 lbs
– Large: for pets 50-80 lbs
– Medium: for pets 25-50 lbs
– Small: for pets 10-25 lbs)

it is lightweight for comfort and meets or exceeds Pet Safety Durability Test. there’s even a Youtube video for people to see how to put the harness on the dog (people like me who are unable to figure out how to do the simplest things).

plus there’s a portable dog bed, seat protectors and more.

am telling you me and Cici are going to go for a ride just to give the package a workout… oh yeah, it’s raining, it’s pouring, all the dogs are snoring, but no worries everything is water resistant…  still, us humans prefer inside to outside when it rains.

good thing, we can use everything right here at home, too.

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