just a dog…

About 12 years ago, when my sweet Abundance cat ran away and my world was turned completely topsy turvy upside down inside out and devastated, a very out of touch person said to me, “It’s just a cat.”  Ok, at the time, the person was going through a divorce with kids.  Still don’t think they’d say anything different today.

to me that cat was not just a cat. That cat was my sweet baby boy, my friend, my companion, my muse, my furry feline, always there, purring, making my life sweeter. He meant everything to me.  I found out later more about what else was going on behind the scenes, but losing that cat and then having to let go of his brother Precious was very painful to me.

and so it is with Cici, she is not just a dog. For anyone to say that, they just don’t get animals and the roles they play in our lives.

How they make us laugh, keep us warm, take us for walks, make our lives more meaningful and fuller, how they give us so much more than they take, how they light up our lives with their joy, spontaneity and wisdom.

Animals are a gift and should never be taken lightly. If you keep a dog outside all day and all night, you should let that dog go to someone else who will love and take care proper care of it. Am hoping that Lola next door will get a better home. It is so cold outside and she was out there early in the morning and late last night. I called the SPCA again, hopefully they will talk to the owners. Another group will take her if the owners don’t really want her. If they did really want her, they’d keep her inside where she’d be safe and warm. Pray for her, please. She is a sweetie and deserves a better home.

I love this :


these pit bull rescue folks get it, that a dog is not just a dog… they helped with the rescue and healing of the former bad newz dogs, am now calling them the good news dogs, and were recommended by BadRap who took in I think 13 of those dogs.  Support this and other animal rescues with your time, dollars, energy. They deserve it… for the dogs. just the dogs. especially the rescuers who are taking care of all of the pit bulls and mixes. They are my heroes, for all they do. For the dogs.  Thank you.

beautiful video, http://www.lifewithdogs.tv/2010/06/just-a-dog/


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2 responses to “just a dog…

  1. Awww… this was such a sweet post. Animals are often a great comfort and good friend. I totally agree, if an animal is just left to exist outside all the time by itself, it needs a better home with someone who has the time to love and take better care of it.

    Nice blog!

  2. Every time I see mention of this video I smile – it is certainly a personal favorite. Thank you for sharing it…

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