spoiled dogs

A new AKC survey finds that dogs are going to beat out kids and spouses in the gift-getting department this Christmas. Thirty-eight percent of respondents said their dogs would get the most money spent on their gifts, beating out kids (36%) and spouses (26%). In addition, if holiday expenses are being trimmed, 55% of people would spend less on their spouse than their pooch. To add spousal insult to injury, 78% plan on buying for other family members’ dogs, 66% plan on buying for friends’ dogs, and 15% plan on buying for their dog’s friends at the dog park.

Did you spend more on your dog(s) than spouse and kids this christmas? what did you get your dog(s)?

Also, a significant number of travelers said they intended to fly less and drive more, according to a poll of about 500 travelers, conducted by the Consumer Travel Alliance.

A combination of the TSA’s screening techniques, fees for baggage and a lack of customer service are pushing people towards driving their cars more and away from air travel.  Good for the dogs, too.  Are you taking your pooch anywhere special in 2011?  on the road or by air?

Personally, I agree, I don’t like flying anyway. And I’d never let Cici be in the baggage compartment. I would fly her on Pet Airways but I’d rather drive or take a train, if only Amtrak let dogs on. If only we had a high speed train system like they are having in other parts of the civilized world. If only our country would stop worrying about profits and instead focused on how to actually serve people. Plenty of money and profits giving people what they actually want instead of the garbage we get because companies focus too much on the bottom line and not enough on customers wants and wishes.

Speaking of wishes, what are your New Year’s resolutions, dreams, wishes?  taking your dog anywhere fun for New Year’s Eve?  let us know.


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3 responses to “spoiled dogs

  1. We love our pets don’t we? As we baby boomers age and our kids grow up and move out, our furry friends are becoming our new batch of kids. Of course we will spoil them! Thats what we do best 🙂
    Our kids may laugh at how we live our lives around our pets, but we get pure joy from our pets. They are loving and loyal and don’t talk back! One small look from them makes the worlds problems melt away.
    Are my dogs spoiled you ask? Of course they are. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  2. David Gunn

    The prohibition on dogs on Amtrak comes from the increased scrutiny that comes from the FDA if one permits pets onboard. The cost of accommodating pets simply outweighs the marginal revenue to be made from pet owners.

    Amtrak is owned by the Federal government, and has never made a profit, so you cannot point to them as an example of an entity that hurts people in pursuit of unreasonable profits.

    Finally, your statement “if only our country would stop worrying about profits” is pure foolishness. When one spends more than one takes in, bad things happen. To pretend otherwise is ludicrous.

    • it’s true that it’s not a good idea to spend more than what one takes in, so how come they have spent 20+ years studying trains between LA and Vegas at the cost of millions of dollars? Same with LA to SF. And other studies. Those are two that I know about. What if Amtrak were NOT the only train in town? What if there were privately owned trains? What if there were creative solutions to train travel? Other countries have high speed trains and train travel is the way to go. There is a Pet Airways. Maybe there should be a Greyhound Bus type for animals traveling cross country or a train for pets.

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