so long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye

I have been receiving doozies of comments lately.

one person must have dug through all the almost five hundred blog posts I’ve written here and found the one out of two posts I wrote that mentions for a brief sentence anything political to exclaim that by posting that lil ol sentence that I lose half my readers.

say what?

Yesterday, I had more readers than I have had for awhile.  Why? Because I have been expressing my opinion about Obama. It ain’t rocket science. last time I looked, this was still America, although we’ve taken a lot of hits against being the home of the free… (tsa patdowns, tax cuts for the wealthy, republicans/faux news on the rampage against everything decent and good in our country, seniors/boomers becoming the new poor and homeless, etc).

news media ie, newspapers, bloggers, magazines, TV and radio folk, beware.

are you kidding me?

Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbernmann, Faux News, and many other news people constantly write and say stuff on their blogs that is political and get hundreds if not thousands of comments from readers on all sides of the equation.  duh…

A blog is to express opinions. That is my right to do here. And I do express my opinions.

If you do not like what I say, speak up and express yourself. If you do not agree, speak up.

I will agree to disagree with you.  We can all be adults here. Children and adolescents have hissy fits and refuse to talk to people who don’t agree 100% with them.  Or go sulk in the corner.

The way it works in the real world, here, in reality is that people have all sorts of opinions about all kinds of different topics. If you insulate yourself, isolate yourself, and only want to hang out with people who shut out the rest of the world like you do, that’s your choice and I am OK with that.

But don’t tell me what to do and act all holier than thou about how you love dogs and would like to support my work, but heavens to Betsy, I said ONE wrong thing and that forever banishes me from your kingdom.

Alas, so long, farewell, chus (or however you spell it, it’s German expression for bye bye, auf Wiedersehen), goodbye… see ya…

all next year !!!

may all your New Year’s eve’s be merry and bright…  and keep your pets safe.

Happy New Year 2011, the year of HOPE…

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